"How she got her roots together & stronger"

Vanshika Gupta was born and brought up in Odisha and now she’d be residing in Bangalore for her higher studies. She's a binge-watcher, loves watching new series, movies on Netflix. She also likes reading novels and paints sometimes. She's a person who never dislikes anything, if she doesn't like something, she'll just accept and move on. Being a CA aspirant. she sees her future self pursuing her article ship in one of the Big 4s, playing a key role in her company. Well, for starters she certainly has a clear vision of her goals, about her future. Vanshika all through the years has developed new interests and most importantly she's capable of taking her own decisions, more importantly - responsible onesShe's a very jolly person but at the same time, her career has been her utmost priority, obviously after family! When she puts her heart into something, she makes sure she puts all her efforts and the results are ought to be perfect.

She connects very well with her friends, family, love and never lets herself get carried away in any situation.

The major challenge she faced recently in her life was when she had to choose her stream that she’d study for the rest of her life & her major life decisions would alter on it.

Apart from this, she has faced many difficulties in life and what's better when one believes in herself. She's a person who tends to live every moment life throws at her with a broad smile on her face. 

Vanshika has made n number of mistakes in her past but she's never regretted them, instead, she took them sportingly, admitted them, accepted them, learned from them, and moved on. 

She would want every individual to know that no matter, how their lifestyle is, whatever small thing that interests them, they should definitely pursue them and make plans to achieve them. She has watched many inspiring life stories and the common takeaway she got from every story was that happiness is what matters at the end. One can be the world’s richest person, yet not satisfied and everything might fall apart for him eventually. So, make every small decision of your life count, you never know what a decision awaits for you.

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