"How she overcame toxicity & calmed her mental health"

Sometimes it's really hard to avoid toxicity in our life, because such toxic people who ones were the closest becomes the most treasured or valued people of our life . It can be your bestfriend, your love partner, your relatives or your colleague they can be anyone from the people you meet on daily basis . It mainly happens when we are at our lowest and allow people to enter our life, even when they are not good for us . Somya, the girl who had never faced toxicity before in her life was in a toxic friendship for two whole years . Short time, but still she thought this might be her forever bond. It was the time she lost her old real friends and took all wrong decisions in her life . She realized it sooner when she heard rumors and stories about her from others which she had only shared to the person. 

But the one and only option you have is throwing these people out of your life because you cannot change these people to be a better being. Such people stays with you only for their own selfish reasons, and when they achieve their work, they are done dusted.  May it be any person, always keep your own limits. Never over trust, Never exceed your tolerance level and help someone . Never let anyone know your weaknesses because people might use them as their strengths. But it’s never late for anything, you can always leave these people behind and move on . No other being can use your life to fulfil their wishes. Love and give priority to your damn self more than anyone . We often fail to choose the right people in our lives, but it's never late to understand their motives. Be careful with whom you are friends with because the right people in your life are the ones who genuinely care for you, cherishes all your flaws and lets you choose right path in life, they might help but can't overtake what's yours. 

It's not always your fault and you shouldn't take all the blame for people who won't take responsibility because they want you to change rather than learning more about you. Some people are not a good mix. Maybe being so toxic is prevention to keep those who try to change you for their own purposes away. 

They are glass-half-empty personalities who convince others to be as pessimistic as others. Positive thinking and attitude is a huge key to happiness and some people want others to be as miserable as they are. Misery loves company, I guess. A toxic person will make you feel like you're less valuable than you are because it makes them feel better. Stay away from them!

Remember, Relationships should lift you up, just as you should lift up others. If that's not happening, walk the damn away.