"How she's been leading her life with leadsark"

Prerona Ghosh, a girl of 20, trying to mould herself into an independent young woman. She was a very bright student in both academics and sports during her kindergarten to primary school days.  Slowly as she grew up to higher classes, she started getting less time to focus in extracurricular activities. Ultimately Prerona decided to focus on her studies completely and left drawing and other things. After her X board results, she changed her school to a different board. During her XI and XII she faced a lot of failures as she was coping up with the science syllabus and exam pattern of a completely different board. She loved her new school and mostly her friends. She had a completely separate group with 5-6 girls and a few boys. Their friendship was so strong that their XII roll numbers were one after the other. Prerona enjoyed her high school to the extreme. During all these times, she had faced love and heartbreaks too, but managed to cope up with everything, as this is what Life is.

After her school, she decided to take up Food & Nutrition subject in her UG as she is health conscious and foody enough. She used to go to gym to remain fit and healthy but later on decided to start working out at her home. Covid-19 and Lockdown is somehow responsible for her decision too. With all  pandemic and stuff, she was literally getting bed ridden and lazy day-by-day. Though she was already doing internships along with her studies, she really wanted to start a part time earning too. She wished to learn some new working experiences. So, she started to search for some work from home cum part time work. 

After a month or two of searching she finally found an affiliate marketing platform named Leadsark. The main motive of leadsark community is to make people learn about affiliate marketing at first and then by applying it in real life, make those people earn. Being in a conservative Bengali family, her parents didn’t believe in these marketing businesses at first and refused her to get involved in such work, referring it as ‘Scam’. But Prerona made up her mind to join as she trusted the process and believed in “No risk, no gain”. So, she risked her own pocket money as the investment amount and joined Leadsark. Prerona’s first motive was to make up her risked money and make extra money as well. Thus, she began to work hard in learning the courses provided, which made her clearer about Affiliate Marketing and how it works. She followed the teachings carefully and applied it in real life. From optimizing social media accounts to generating leads organically, she completely slipped into the Affiliate Marketing world. As Prerona already knew ‘No risk, no gain’, she started earning from Leadsark. Though the earning wasn’t so fast, she never gave up. She reached her first motive to make up the invested amount and gradually ended up earning more and more. ‘Hardwork always pays off”, thus, she kept on learning more and more daily. Now her parents also know about this and supports her fully. She is also helping her team mates and leads to earn money by implementing the tips and marketing strategies she learned all through her working days. Her team is growing day by day and she’s highly thankful to Leadsark Affiliate marketing platform. She suggests every teenager or early adults to learn ‘Affiliate Marketing’ or ‘Social Media Marketing’ as this a really hot topic in today’s digital world. Now, Prerona is not worried about her boring lockdown days or Covid-19 risk of part time earning. She simply gets up to her happy productive routine consisting of fun, studies, part time work and friends.