"How she evolved and planned to carve her own path"

As a child Anushreya was always reluctant to speak in public. The sad part is she didn’t choose this personally but it was imposed on her. Anushreya's accent was made fun of. Her batch mates thought she spoke differently, in a funny tune. They would joke about her accent and mimic her voice. Influenced by their cold reaction she decided to  shut the mouth of the people around her. In an attempt to voice out, she would trigger her conscious, stammer and get tongue twisted. She loathed herself for a prolonged period of time and would envy the confident speaking abilities of her friends.

She found an easy escape in writing. It was only through which she poured her heart out and felt lighter. In school, she kept taking part in creative writing competitions since it demanded least speaking out of her and much to her surprise, she discovered that she was blessed with this knack. Not to let her gift of writing go in vain, she took up writing.
Life took a U-turn when she was introduced to MUNs. With firmness and a steady mind she finally decided to face her fears and insecurities. Anushreya dreaded the idea of speaking in front of a humongous crowd but there was no turning back. She spoke publicly several times. Post MUNs she found her active participation in debates and public speaking competitions. she found comfort in something she ran from for years. With every passing day, she kept built self-confidence and interacting with people got easy-peasy! Truly, she made a life altering change and stopped giving her insecurities the power to overshadow her strengths.

She is now a part of several NGOs where she speaks with pride and conviction to create awareness along with promising global development.
To sustain in this world of judgements and mocking, it is important that you put up a staunch version of you, striving to bring out the best. Society will find ways to pull you down but lend them a deaf hear and lead your life incredibly. It gets hard at times but keep going and see where it takes you.

She knew that one day, she'd take over and would be an inspiration to many many of her generation.