"How she's been adding flavours to her own life"

Adrija is a first year college student pursuing B.Sc Economics who has a soft corner for aesthetic DIY Art and Styling. She also displays huge enthusiasm for travelling and exploring the unknown.

Ever since she was a kid she had a variety of talents ranging from sports to dance.
She also had a keen interest in participating in many diverse competitions as a kid, which eventually led to her staggering development in the field of DIY Art and Styling.

It reached its peak when she wanted to decorate her room and couldn't find her desired items on a budget friendly range on E-commerce websites and that resulted in her creating it on her own from scratch. Check out her Instagram for the pictures!

Her instagram is the very reflection of her aesthetic brilliance. Right from her colour coordinated highlights to her beautifully edited posts everything just speaks volumes about her dedication towards her art and the amount of effort she puts in every minute detail of her instagram feed.

Today she continues to pursue her love for DIY Art and Styling and is currently exploring other sections of art and fashion.

Apart from this she's also a firm believer in law of attraction and manifestation.
Her interest in this field began to grow after she came across YouTubers like "The Gem Goddess and "Stargirl- The Practical Witch."
She believes that positive thoughts bring positive changes in life and she has also made a vision board to make manifestation easier for her. 
Her vision board also motivates her to work harder towards achieving her dreams and keeping her intentions strong.
Furthermore, in the near future she plans to explore different methods of manifestation such as the 3-6-9 method by Nikon Tesla, scripting and many more.

She looks at the upcoming future with eyes filled with hopes, dreams and aspirations to succeed in her ambitious goals. 

As once, Sir Chris Grosser said, "Opportunities don't happen. You create them." Adrija is all up for it. You should be too!