"How she doesn't give a !@#$ about her body shames"

Being body shamed since childhood was never easy for Aadyasha. From schools till college, she has been an active victim of body shaming. Her body has been gloriously used from the top of her head down to the tips of her toes. She used her talents that she has been given to the best of her ability. She always tried to use her mind to live, her passions that will make her soul feel alive. Her voice is heard and used to speak truths, inspiration, and empowerment. To tell her family that she loves them as often as possible. Her ears have listened to story after story as a girl can process. Her hands and arms have comforted and held those whom she has loved and embraced thousands of men and women who have been body shamed. That’s just a fraction of what her body and mental health has beared in a short 19 years.

Aadyasha has been no stranger when it comes to whispers, rumours and insulting jabs in regard to her weight or to being shunned simply because of the clichéd judgement of others

Our bodies do not define us, although society seems to forget that. To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance and all women and men have the right to accept their body. The shame is on the ones who use that to attack their self esteem. She just doesn't gives any F's about anyone anymore when it comes to people body shaming her because enough is enough! And no matter what, she will continue to glow and grow in these further times because of her own will to do so. 

Anything that makes anyone feel uncomfortable in their own skin is body shaming. And it needs to stop. All of it.

Body shaming is no joke. It can kill people.

Whether someone is “fat” or “skinny”, nobody has the right to shame you for it.

We think it’s disgusting, vile and unnecessary evil.

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